Looking for protection against unexpected and expensive repair bills? An AA Warranty will have you seriously covered.

We offer warranties through the AA. They offer a great service to our customers by providing peace of mind and confidence in our used cars for sale.

What is a car warranty?

A warranty protects your car by covering the cost of repairs from mechanical or electrical failure.

You can get peace of mind, just in case the unexpected happens, with an extended warranty for your used car.

Comprehensive cover

Protects you against almost all mechanical and electrical faults, with no limit to the number of claims made up to current market value.

Free breakdown cover

All our warranties give you access to 12 months free Basic Breakdown cover. Already a Member? Then get a free upgrade to your existing membership for the remainder of your policy year.

Driving peace of mind

Know that you’re covered for expensive repairs, and within easy reach of a network of approved repairers. We’ll get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

What you get with an AA warranty

Our comprehensive warranty gives you peace of mind against expensive repairs.

  • Almost all mechanical and electrical faults up to current market value 
  • Hybrid and electric vehicles 
  • Parts not normally covered, including diagnostics, working materials and parts replaced in pairs, such as coil springs and shock absorbers
  • In-car entertainment and remote key fobs
  • No limits on the number of claims made up to current market value 
  • Access to a nationwide approved repair network 
  • Access to free 12 months Basic 
  • AA Breakdown cover

^ Please refer to the policy document for full cover details.

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